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About Us

In brief, you should know the following about us: Kids Kountry Early Education Center was initially established as Kids Kountry LLC in 2007 and changed our name to Kids Kountry Early Education Center when we decided to become a non-profit center to better serve our community. Kids Kountry LLC and Kids Kountry  Early Education Center have been responsible for providing outstanding child care and early education since the center opened in 2008.

Kids Kountry EEC is certified by the Department of Human Services (DHS) and we are a member of PACCA (Pennsylvania Child Care Association).

Meet our Staff

Miss Linda

Miss Linda has an degree in Early Childhood Education and is currently working on her Bachelor degree as well as completion of Director Credential courses. She teaches the Toddler II class (25 months - 36 months). She has been with Kids Kountry since 2009 and has over 13 years experience in the Child Care/Teaching field.

Miss Sonia

Miss Sonia has a BS in Business Management. Miss Sonia is one of the founders of Kids Kountry EEC and sits on the Board of Directors. Sonia is a member of the Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School Occupational Advisory Committee. She is also a pre-school and school-age teacher and the mother of 3 very active boys. She has over 10 years experience in the Child Care field.

Miss Shyann

Miss Shyann is a part-time Teacher in the pre-school. She has previous experience working with special needs children and holds an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education. She is enthusiastic about the children and is very creative in her approach to teaching all children.

Miss Jen

Miss Jen is a Teacher for the Infant  classroom and the children really love her. Miss Jen holds a certificate in Child Care from CPVTS and has many years experience in childcare with kids of all ages. Miss Jen is currently working toward completion of her CDA.

Miss Gi-Gi (Connie)

Miss Gi-Gi, also a founder of Kids Kountry EEC, has a degree in Business Management and fills in as a substitute teacher in various classrooms. She has over 7 years experience in the classroom and is a mother and grandmother. Her other duties include administrative functions.

Miss Sue

Miss Sue is a Teacher primarily for the preschool classroom and the children really love her. Miss Sue has many years experience in childcare with kids of all ages as well as raising 3 children and caring for 4 grandchildren.

Pap (Merle)

Merle, known by all as Pap/Pappy, drives our school van to deliver students to the Rice Elementary School and Iron Forge Educational Center. He also drives the van and accompanies the teacher during the Summer School Age Program weekly field trips. In addition to these duties he is responsible for all maintenance for the facility.

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