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All of Kids Kountry student/children learn through hands-on, visuals, and imitation in a loving, organized and natural learning environment.

 For all children in Toddler I through School Age, we offer:

     * Breakfast (if arrival is before 7:40 am);
     * Morning Snack and beverages provided;
     * Water days during the hot summer months
     * We also encourage community involvement by holding two charity events
     * Curriculum that meets criteria set forth by the Pennsylvania Educational Standards and Creative Curriculum


 Kids Kountry infant program is for children aged 6 weeks to 12 months:

     * Incorporate tummy time each day
     * Involve the infant in other gross motor activities to encourage rolling and crawling
     * Baby sign language to increase communication skills
     * Assist skill development such as pulling up, walking, feeding ones-self, and basic words/sounds
     * Developmentally appropriate lesson plans, including art, music, language development, fine motor, gross motor, being read to, and sensory experiences
      * When weather permits our infants experience the outdoors and when old enough, they play in the "Toddler" playground.
         *Teachers with a positive, loving attitude

Toddler I

Our Toddler I program is designed for children aged 12 to 24 months and offers:

     * Morning Snack and all beverages
     * Continued use of baby sign language to increase communication skills
     * Continuing support of emerging skills such as pulling up, walking feeding ones-self and basic words and sound
     * Developmentally appropriate lesson plans including art, music, language cards and games, fine motor, gross motor, sensory experiences and lots of story time! 

       * Teachers with positive, loving attitudes

Toddler II 

Kids Kountry's Toddler II program is designed for children aged 25 - 36 months. This program offers:

     * Focus on social and emotional growth
     * Redirection to assist conflict resolution and promote positive behavior 
     * Activities that are teacher-directed but child-inspired
     * Assistance with potty training
     * Developmentally appropriate lesson plans, including art, music, language development, fine motor, gross motor, being read to, and sensory experiences
     * They will also begin to learn their ABCs, color recognition, shapes and numbers
     * Teachers with positive, loving attitudes


Our Preschool program is designed for 3 to 5 year olds with a focus on Kindergarten preparedness. This program offers:
     * Art, music & movement, dramatic play, science, mathematics, Spanish, sensory, computer, physical education, and free play
     * Continuing color, shape, letter, number and name recognition every day
     * Focus on early literacy skills such as copying or tracing letters, words, writing their name, and recognizing early sight words
     * Continued social development, such as self-help skills, cleaning up, mealtime, and general manners
     * They will also continue with their use of the ABCs, color recognition, shapes and numbers                                                                                                             

     * Nature exploration via and walks around the neighborhood, and picnics!
     * Teachers with positive loving attitudes.

School Age Programs

 Before/After school:

     * Teacher directed activities until the bus arrives at our doorstep (Carlisle Area School District - Mt Holly Elementary) or, for South Middleton students, until the van departs for Rice Elementary and/or Iron Forge Educational Center 
     * Assistance with homework if requested by the parent
     * Teacher directed activities until departure
     * Full day child care/classroom experiences during school closings and school holidays at no additional cost to parents.

Summer Program:

     * On-site classroom time that includes the basics of math, reading, writing, science experiments as well as plenty of free play
     * "Water days" where the kids can wear their bathing suits and get soaking wet on warm summer days...this is usually done once a week
     * Off-site "excursions" to various places of interest. In the past they have visited Senators baseball game, annual creek walk, museums, Army Heritage, explored a pond, visited a gourd farm, bowling, mini-golf, and other places of interest at no additional cost to parents.
     * We offer the children an opportunity to share their ideas to see if they can be implemented in a safe manner




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