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Thanks Kids Kountry for a job WELL DONE!
     I have four children that now attend Kids Kountry. My 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old daughters have been at Kids Kountry for two years. My nine and eight year old girls attended for two summers and now that Kids Kountry can help with transportation to their elementary schools, they also go to Kids Kountry after school each day, when they have a day off school and during the summer. Everyone at Kids Kountry is wonderful. They have been very supportive since they started. I had some bad experiences with the daycare my children attended before Kids Kountry. My youngest started with Kids Kountry in March 2009. Within 2 months they helped me potty train my now 4 1/2 year old. She has learned her alphabet, colors, numbers, etc. My 2 1/2 year old followed right behind her older sister. Kids Kountry really cares about my children's well being and education. I have no doubt that my daughter will be more than ready to start kindergarten this fall.. My girls love all the teachers at Kids Kountry too and that's a big help. I feel very gratefull that I found Kids Kountry when I did.

Alicia Allen

     Our daughter was the first to attend Kids Kountry at 7 weeks old. I had checked around at other Daycares but decided on Kids Kountry. The place was very clean and we also knew that our daughter would be well cared for. I had checked around with numerous people in Mt. Holly only to find out that they knew the staff at Kids Kountry and I got a 100% positive feedback. I called at different times during the the day to check on my daughter and other times I would stop in early to pick her up. She always seemed content and happy. My daughter is now three and loves going to daycare. She calls it school and that is where all of her friends are. She has learned to play well with other children. Potty training was a breeze with the help of the daycare. I am very pleased with Kids Kountry and would recommend anyone to take their children there. The staff is very friendly, helpful with information or questions that I may have and willing to work with my work schedule.


     I have a toddler and a school-age kid that attends Kids Kountry Early Education Center. I was a little skeptic at first because it is a small center; however, I am very glad that I chose them over the larger centers. The teachers all made us feel really welcome from the very first day. I am amazed at how "at home" both children seem to be and how happy they are when we enter the center each morning. The toddler program is exceptional as I notice how much my little one learns every day. The school age program (both the before/after care and Summer Program) is way beyond my expectations. Not only do they help with homework, they take the time to explain the problem/resolutions to the students. The Summer Program was really fun for my child but most importantly they didn't forget to work with her on the subjects that she had during the school year. I am really impressed with the fact that the teachers really care about learning as well as having fun.


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